Climate change (Class of 2019)

Interactions between climate science and international policymaking

This time, I talk mainly from the viewpoint of natural scientists, following narratives of historians of science (Weart, 2003, 2008; Edwards 2010) and recollections of those scientists who acted (Bolin, 2007; Schneider, 2009). Occasionally I will add other perspectives, e.g. Howe (2014).

Characteristics of global environmental problems

Local environmental problems (my simplistic view)

Global environmental problems

History of some events

Role of scientists on global climate policymaking

Scientific advisory for policymaking. e.g. Jasanoff (1990)


Some comments on science-policy relationship about climate change

IPCC Assessment Reports

Available in PDF from or and (except very early ones) in print from Cambridge University Press.

Working Groups of IPCC (configuration since the 3rd report)

Climate change and countermeasures (position of adaptation & mitigation)


(+ carbon dioxide removal + solar radiation modification)


References (maybe moved to another page and here will be a link to it)

2019-June-13, update 2019-June-14, 2019-Nov.-08
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