Climate change (Class of 2020): Information of books

This list will be updated and modified frequently during the semester.

The books marked (C) are included in the “Cambridge Core” series, whose digital texts will be available free of charge until 31 May by arrangement between Cambridge University Press and TMU Library. Probably the students of TMU can access them as follows (I am not eligible yet myself):

(Instruction (in Japanese) by TMU Library is available here: [[x] Link to a PDF file].)

There is one paper copy each of the books marked (P). They will be available at TMU library when the librarians finish registration. I have planned to assign students to read parts of the books, but it has become difficult to make them shared by the students. Feel free to borrow them when they become available at the library.


Books related to the subject of the class

Climate system, climate modeling

History of science

Another textbook by the author of our textbook

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