Climate change (Class of 2020)

One of the international exchange courses, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Note [2020-05-29]: This course is cancelled, because no students enrolled.

Time: Academic year 2020, 1st semester (April May-July 2020), Thursday 13:00-14:30

Place: Minami-Osawa campus, but mainly on-line


Note: Correspondence between date (mentioned in the syllabus) and content may change during the course.

Note [2020-05-20] The lecture session of 14 May failed, because no students connected to the "zoom" meeting I opened. I plan to open a "zoom" meeting again on 21 May, at 13:00. To students who are interested in the lecture: please connect to the "zoom" meeting. If you cannot, please send me an e-mail message.

Note [2020-05-05, updated 2020-05-14]:

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Updated: 2020-05-29
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