Scientific/technical documents about hydro-climate

Note: This section of my web site contains documents of my "work in progress" which are not well organized. Some may be obsolete, and some are unfinished.

Global Energy and Water Cycle, and its Budgets (introductory presentation in 2002)

Global Energy and Water Cycle (lecture presentations in 2004)

GAME Water and Energy Balance Study interim report (2003)

GAME's Contribution to GEWEX Water and Energy Balance Study (extended abstract in 2004)

Water balance of the Mekong river basin during GAME IOP (presentation in 2002)

A template for CSEs for GEWEX WEBS (2003, JRA25 added 2006)

Evaluation of precipitation of GAME Reanalysis on continents (presentation in 2003)

Bibliography on GAME Reanalysis (2004, unfinished)

Surface radiation budget: comparison between global satellite-derived products and land-based observations in Asia and Oceania (presentation in 2004)

Documents related to data management

Reference documents about data policy (compiled in 2007-2011)

An unfinished draft of local data format for surface meteorological data obtained from Thai Meteorological Department (internal to GRENE-ei CAAM project) (2012)

An introduction to the word "Mahasri" (2005-2006)

Latest update: 2018-Mar-13
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