Conservation of energy in the "climate system"

Conservation of energy

"The first law of thermodynamics" = "The law of conservation of energy"

Conservation of X (in physics) ... No spontaneous generation of X, no spontaneous decay of X.

The everyday term "energy consumption" can be regarded as "useful energy decrease, despite total energy does not change." The meaning of "useful energy" is related to the second law of thermodynamics.

[Note added after lecture] There are many books that explain concepts of thermodynamics. One example is Atkins (2007, 2010).

Formulation of conservation of X in "isolated systems" and "open systems"

(Note: the term "closed systems" is avoided intentionally.)


This concept of conservation is useful for "budget analysis", by which we can evaluate quantities which are not directly measurable.

Also, this concept of conservation is used for "prognostic" (i.e. forcasting-type) computations.

Energy (as "stock")

Energy exchange (as "flow")

A system in quasi-steady-state

Climate system in terms of energy conservation

Technical terms about radiation

Solar radiation

The basic energy balance of the climate system


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