Table 1.

Types of vegetation, the counts of grid boxes and the areas relative to the earth's surface of the data set of Matthews (1984) [left]
and the generalized classification in this paper [right].

codecountrel. areadescriptioncodename
1 10450.0251Tropical evergreen rainforest, mangrove forest a tropical rain forest
2 3520.0080Tropical/subtropical evergreen, seasonal broadleaved forest b evergreen forest
3 210.0004Subtropical evergreen rainforest""
4 490.0008Temperate/subpolar evergreen rainforest""
5 1120.0024Temperate evergreen seasonal broadleaved forest, summer rain""
6 650.0012Evergreen broadleaved sclerophyllous forest, winter rain""
7 480.0010Tropical/subtropical evergreen needleleaved forest c needleleaved forest
8 14320.0189Temperate/subpolar evergreen needleleaved forest""
9 3420.0077Tropical/subtropical drought-deciduous forest d deciduous forest
10 9310.0152Cold-deciduous forest, with evergreens""
11 7430.0108Cold-deciduous forest, without evergreens""
12 2670.0061Xeromorphic forest/woodland e woodland
13 2180.0046Evergreen broadleaved sclerophyllous woodland""
14 3740.0052Evergreen needleleaved woodland""
15 3930.0092Tropical/subtropical drought-deciduous woodland""
16 5200.0052Cold-deciduous woodland""
17 1490.0030Evergreen broadleaved shurbland/thicket, evergreen dwarf shrubland f shrubland
18 940.0014Evergreen needleleaved or microphyllous shrubland/thicket""
19 930.0019Drought-deciduous shrubland/thicket""
20 950.0009Cold-deciduous subalpine/subpolar shrubland, cold-deciduous dwarf shurbland""
21 9190.0185Xeromorphic shrubland/dwarf shrubland""
22 14640.0144Arctic/alpine tundra, mossy bog g tundra
23 8030.0167Tall/medium/short grassland with 10 -- 40 % woody tree cover h grassland
24 3680.0082Tall/medium/short grassland with < 10 % woody tree cover or tuft-plant cover""
25 10320.0210Tall/medium/short grassland with shrub cover""
26 1360.0029Tall grassland, no woody cover""
27 1470.0029Medium grassland, no woody cover""
28 7810.0144Meadow, short grassland, no woody cover""
29 490.0005Forb formations""
30 15860.0311Desert i desert
31 73950.0316Ice j ice