Climate change (Class of 2019): term report assignment

Section 1

Make calculation of [A simple energy balance model of global warming].

Either R, spreadsheets, or other software can be used.

Change values at least one parameter, and document how the results differ.

(If you cannot use computers, please ask me what to do.)

I know that some of you are not familiar with computation. For this section, I recommend you to work together. If you try several hours please do not be desperate, and please describe to what point you tried.

Section 2

Major causes that can change total energy of the climate system (or global mean temperature) are listed below.


Explain how each of (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) changes input of energy to the climate system, or output of energy from it, each in one paragraph.


For this section, I expect that there are corerct answers. Evaluation of incorrect answers will be low.

Section 3

Take one aspect of anthropogenic climate change which (as you think) has some undesirable impacts. and discuss:


Read the book of Maslin (2013) Climate Change, or similar introductory books that have description of anthropogenic climate change, its impacts, and countermeasuers, and find your subject. Compare your thoughts with the author's, very briefly.


For this section, there is no single correct answer. I expect a rich variety of approaches. My evaluation will focus on logical consistency.

Submit answer by 1 August either by paper or by e-mail. The expected length is one page per section.

Updated: 2019-July-18
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